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Protecting the integrity and security of your customer list is a top priority for Conduct.  ListLock™ secures your list inside of Contact Manager.

  1. No user or administrator of any Conduct site can view or download your list.
  2. Your email and password cannot be reset to access your list.
  3. If unsuccessful attempts to login to your account are made, you are notified right away.
  4. Conduct™ locks your account if too many attempts are made to login and notifies the Conduct™ team.

ListLock™ is a proprietary data security technology, exclusive to Convey and Conduct™. ListLock is engineered to give you some peace of mind with protecting your email lists and other related data. With ListLock, you can be sure that no one will gain access to your list information but you. 

It’s an added safeguard to protect your most valuable assets, your client lists.

ListLock keeps your contacts securely protected for everyone, including Convey. , site administrators historically have access to their site member's accounts and many times can even set their password for them or gain access to their files. With ListLock, site administrators do not have the ability to set your password or view any of your information. Rest assured, your information is for your eyes only.

Alongside preventing access, Convey subscribes to the latest and most up to date security protocols. For more information, see the list below.

  1. Specialized security deployment for protecting servers and framework. 
  2. We use a Robots Exclusion Protocol – Tells web crawlers that they do not have access to our sites pages.
  3. Each session is destroyed when logging out, so there is no possibility to reuse that same session key.
  4. Conditions to deny unauthorized access. Every user can access only their own sections. 

As you use our Services, you import mailing list into our system.  ListLock is there to ensure that your data, remains your data. We have no direct relationship with your client or prospect list or any person other than you, and for that reason, you are responsible for making sure you have the appropriate permission for us to communicate information directly to individuals, in your name. ListLock protects Personal Information and restricts their use to email campaigns that are specifically initiated by you. If you lose your password, or discontinue using the Conduct service, your mailing list data cannot be retrieved by anyone, ever again.

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